Ensuring a clean environment for your food is a top priority, and that’s why a proper fridge deep cleaning remains a crucial service we advise to our clients at least once a quarter. While some Montrealers may be good at keeping their refrigerators clean visually, it’s essential to understand the overarching purpose of deep cleaning your fridge: safeguarding your food from bacterial and food contamination. Before embarking on the cleaning journey, consider the need for defrosting, allowing the ice to melt overnight if necessary. As your refrigerator defrosts, keep your food safely inside until you’re ready to commence the cleaning process.In this blog post, we sat down with our senior house and commercial deep cleaners at The Clean Panther Nettoyages to gather their tips and tricks to help guide you through successful and efficient fridge cleaning, empowering you to maintain a clean and healthy storage space for your food items.


Step 0: Essentials to Gather

To ensure a successful fridge cleaning mission, equip yourself with the following essential tools:

  1. All-purpose Cleaner:
    • Choose a suitable cleaner to tackle various surfaces and eliminate bacteria.
  2. Microfiber Cloths:
    • Opt for these gentle yet effective cloths to wipe down surfaces without leaving lint or residue.
  3. Recycle Bin:
    • Separate recyclables efficiently by having a designated bin on hand for eco-friendly cleaning.
  4. Garbage Bag:
    • Keep a sturdy garbage bag nearby for the disposal of expired or unwanted items.

Having these tools at your disposal will streamline the cleaning process, making it more efficient and ensuring a fresh and organized refrigerator.


Step 1: Emptying Your Fridge

Kick off the fridge cleaning adventure with a (somewhat) fun task: emptying everything out! As you go item by item, it’s an opportunity to assess what can still be used and what needs to go. Discard expired fruits and veggies you might spot during this process, and don’t forget to check for double items in one container. Save empty bottles for recycling and potential future use, optimizing space and organization in your freshly emptied fridge.


Step 2: Deep Cleaning the Fridge

Once the fridge is emptied, it’s time to gear up for the deep-cleaning phase of your refrigerator makeover! Armed with an all-purpose cleaner and your trusted microfiber cloth, target the shelves on the door and the top shelf. Remove the crisper drawers, giving them a thorough spritz for a comprehensive clean, even beneath.

Exercise caution as you handle fridge components, ensuring gentle removal to prevent any cracks or breakages. Wash the drawers with dishwashing liquid and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth for a fresh, polished look.

After letting the product work its magic, it’s time to wipe everything clean, paying extra attention to the drawers and the undersides of shelves, especially if they’re glass. This meticulous approach ensures a spotless fridge, lifting any lingering residue from tall bottles or containers.

Completing this process not only refreshes your fridge but also elevates the overall feel of your kitchen. Ensure everything is thoroughly dry to prevent mildew, and for stubborn stains, consider using baking soda for an added cleaning boost. Revel in the satisfaction of a sparkling-clean refrigerator, ready to house your fresh and organized food items!


Step 3: Purge & Replace

Now that the hard-core cleaning is done, it’s time to tackle the food items in your fridge. Begin by conducting a thorough inventory, parting ways with any science experiments or items left unused for an extended period. Let’s start with the fruits and veggies – a simple trick is to line their crisper drawers with a sheet of paper towel for easy replacement and moisture absorption.

Sort through, checking expiry dates, and decide what stays and what goes. When putting items back, avoid overstuffing the crisper drawer. Whether separating fruits and veggies or combining them, ensure an organized layout. Take this opportunity to identify leftovers that need disposal. Wipe the bottom of jars or bottles to eliminate any buildup and maintain a clean environment.

Consolidate duplicates for efficient storage and consider placing baking soda in the fridge for a natural charcoal filter effect (trust us, this works wonderfully well!). After sorting through the essentials, dispose of unwanted items, but double-check for any salvageable ones. Make the most of your newly cleaned and organized fridge to create a fresh and efficient food storage space



That’s it! Deep cleaning your fridge is a breeze when you follow the easy-to-follow step-by-step process we use for our clients all across Montreal, Laval, Brossard, and all the other beautiful neighborhoods in the Greater Montreal Area. Avoid potential pitfalls with the right tools and information to efficiently revive your refrigerator. We’ve shared effective steps and tips to keep your fridge in top shape, ensuring it stays fresh and organized.

Stay proactive when adding new groceries, checking for duplicates and items approaching their expiration dates. Implement daily maintenance by promptly wiping away stains to prevent them from becoming stubborn. Create a pleasant environment in your fridge by leaving space for charcoal, a natural odor absorber. With our practical advice, maintaining a clean and odor-free fridge has never been easier!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a cleaning service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 438-500-2723. We’re here to serve you.

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Happy cleaning!